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April 25, 2017
igniteyourLIFE with Lisa Ulshafer
Lisa Ulshafer has been a life coach for the past 11 years whose work attracts a multitude of entrepreneurs because of her strong business background. Lisa enjoys working with entrepreneurs because they are usually more committed to their personal development and more willing to dig in because they spirit driven life and spirit driven business.
In her coaching, she helps people overcome being caught up in their own complexity - lots of effort and not getting results, self-sabotage, creating unrealistic expectations, internal abuse, self-punishment, self-judgement. These things hold people back and Lisa helps people explore why they are resistant - usually subconsciously - and how to navigate beyond it.
She is currently offering a free video series on her site and has recently restructured her coaching sessions. For more details visit Lisa at her website and follow her on twitter @_life_coach and on facebook /mpoweredliving.
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