4 elements of eq emotional intelligence

26 Traits of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Emotional Self Awareness
  2. Accurate Self Assessment
  3. Personal Power
  4. Behavioral Self Control
  5. Integrity
  6. Innovation & Creativity
  7. Initiative & Bias for Action
  8. Achievement Drive
  9. Realistic Optimism
  10. Resilience
  11. Stress Management
  12. Personal Agility
  13. Intentionality
  14. Empathy
  15. Situational/Organizational Awareness
  16. Service Orientation
  17. Communication
  18. Interpersonal Effectivness
  19. Powerful Influencing skills
  20. Conflict Management
  21. Inspirational Leadership
  22. Catalyzing Change
  23. Building Bonds
  24. Teamwork & Collaboration
  25. Coaching and Mentoring Others
  26. Building Trust


Types of Assessments



Open-ended Curiosity Questions to keep in your back pocket. Get Stuart Knight’s book about conversations by clicking here.

  • “How do you spend most of your time these days?”
    • Followup: “And what do you enjoy the most?”
  • “So what was the path you followed to get your career?”
    • Followup: “And what did you enjoy the most?”
  • “What was the most creative thing you did this summer?”
    • Followup: “And would you do it again?”
  • “What is the most interesting thing you’ve read lately?”
  • “What are your favorite apps on your phone right now?
  • “What’s the next trip/conference you have planned?
  • “Where did you work before _____?”
  • “Where did you grow up?”
    • Followup: “When did you leave?”
      • Followup: “Why did you leave?”
        • Followup: “Would you ever go back?”
  • “What kind of projects are you looking for right now?”

Redirecting Diversion Questions to bring the convo back to the other person “These are not the droids you’re looking for”


  1. “Hey, what time did you get in to the conference?”
  2. “Have you tried that restaurant yet?”
  3. “Where were you thinking you would grab dinner?”
  4. “Hey, I hear that Christina Aldan is an amazing speaker. Are there any other speakers here that you’d recommend I go see? ”

Remember to just let it go if you are reading body language and someone isn’t engaging with you. They could be feeling their own awkwardness. Maybe they needed a quick dash to the restroom. Maybe they are feeling nauseated after trying the snacks. Who knows? Just move on and keep practicing.

Make a List:

A big part of exploring and understanding emotional intelligence is how we help influence our community with our talents and skills. One tip that relates to this is taking responsibility for your contributions to the community.


  1. Assess what talents are you bringing to the table. Take an accurate assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of what you and your team are contributing towards the success of your projects and company.
  2. What accomplishments and milestones can you celebrate at work from this quarter?
  3. What projects did you finish?
  4. Who did you help?
  5. What do you hope to make better at your office in the next quarter?


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