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January 20, 2016
TEDx Speaker and Entrepreninja Christina Aldan of LG Designs interviews America and Penelope Lopez at the AT&T Hackathon at The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV - January 2016 #CES2016 #IAmAGoodMix #STEM #WomenInTech #VegasTech Learn more about #hackathons and the AT&T Hackathon and Developers Summit by clicking here. Turn your ideas into apps and put your coding skills to the test at a hackathon competition: Learn about the #socialgood projects that America and Penelope Lopez are working on in various communities. Follow them:

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Meet Christina Aldan for the first time and you will feel as if you have known her all your life. She is proof that perseverance and a desire to learn will propel you towards living a life you love. #STEM #IAmAGoodMix #VegasTech #DTP #WIT

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