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Crowdfunding Campaign for Devoxx

(Post-trip Update 12.15.15: Please click here to read one of my most popular blog posts about this once-in-a-lifetime trip. This was one of my favorite adventures.)



Please support our GoFundMe Campaign to help raise awareness for Women in Technology during the Devoxx Conference in Morocco.

I’m heading to Morocco with Heather Wilde in November where Heather is the keynote speaker at the Devoxx Tech Conference, where they’re expecting 3 out of every 10 participants  to be female. That’s  30% of conference attendees!
Morocco is an Islamic country and 99% of it’s population is muslim, which presents unique challenges to women working hard to find their way in business and technology. This is one of the biggest reasons I feel drawn to offer workshops to women this region of the world.
I’m going to document the trip through photos, videos, and the written word, but I need your help. Your donation will help women who aspire to do the very things many of us take for granted, AND you’d be participating in documenting the experience, so it can live-on and provide lasting inspiration.
I’m offering incentives to those who choose to join us in Raising Awareness for Women in Tech
  • $20 gets you a virtual high-five or an in-person high-five the next time I see you
  • Give $100 and I’ll review your web presence and offer suggestions for improvement
  • $150 get you, a friend or your straff a 1-hour Skype consultation. Choose from topics like: Social Media Marketing, Blog Training, WordPress Lessons or Digital Advertising
And it gets more exciting! 
We’re hosting a free event celebrating women in business and technology. We are at the forefront of a movement that we need to keep ENERGIZED and FOCUSED… so a party seems the perfect choice to ramp us up  for the coming year, where we will share what we’ve learned with our community.
The event will be held in Downtown Las Vegas to share the experience after we return.
All we need to do is raise over $5,000 and everyone gets an invitation to the party!
Thanks for listening
Thanks for helping
and thanks for being a part of my tribe
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